• A Challenging Time 14-02-2018

    Jennifer Renshaw, Head of Litigation at Derbyshire Legal Services Limited, looks at potential challenges to estates.

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  • Introducing Derbyshire Legal Services Limited 14-02-2018

    Derbyshire Legal Services Limited would like to take this opportunity to thank the existing clients of Potter and Co Solicitors, Lovedays Solicitors and Andrew Macbeth, Cash and Co Solicitors for their patience over the last few months whilst bringing the three practices together.

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  • Use of the Court system in England & Wales 02-05-2017

    There is increasing concern about public access to and use of the Court system in England & Wales. Some very worrying statistics are appearing.

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  • The Solicitors Regulation Authority 02-05-2017

    The Solicitors Regulation Authority is ruthless in disciplining solicitors where there is dishonesty.

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  • How times have changed 02-05-2017

    How times have changed: in September 1945 solicitor Mary Elaine Sykes was appointed to be the first woman mayor of Huddersfield.

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