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Bethany Bush

Today in the UK 7 million or so people are living with heart and circulatory disease. As a direct result of this illness, an average of 420 people die every single day – a shocking one death every three minutes.

Since the British Heart Foundation was founded in 1961, however, the annual number of deaths from heart and circulatory diseases in the UK has decreased by more than half. This confirms just how vital the work and research carried out by the British Heart Foundation is.

One of the youngest members of Lovedays’ Solicitors’ staff, Bethany Bush aged 20, saw the British Heart Foundation’s annual ‘Dechox’ challenge advertised. This challenge entailed giving up chocolate throughout the whole of February in order to raise money for the UK’s biggest independent funder of heart and circulatory disease research. As Bethany has always been a ‘chocoholic’, this inspired her to challenge herself, and at the same time, raise money for life-saving research for the British Heart Foundation, a charity which relies heavily on donations from its fund-raising supporters.

In order to raise more money, Bethany decided that she would try and encourage her colleagues to join her in this challenge. Of course, not everyone was convinced, as it’s quite a feat to give up something so scrumptious and moreish.

Nevertheless, Bethany succeeded in inspiring several of the other staff in the firm to take part. They saw this as a great opportunity to raise as much money as possible for a fantastic cause, as well as testing their will power to give up chocolate for 28 days. It was soon apparent that this was never going to be easy but knowing that the challenge was for the benefit of the British Heart Foundation presented the added motivation necessary.

This nationwide challenge tested the determination of the staff at Lovedays Solicitors, as even the slightest bit of chocolate was forbidden, including the chocolate sprinkles on their cappuccinos! However, it seemed that a ‘chocolate-free’ February was extremely worthwhile by the end of it. Also, and quite remarkably, out of the 19,291 fundraisers that took part in ‘Dechox’, Lovedays Solicitors succeeded in being within the top 5% of fundraisers – a huge achievement for the firm!

‘Dechox’ is one of the several charity events that Lovedays Solicitors have supported over the years. The long-established firm of solicitors has also participated in, and raised money for, the Memory Walk in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society, the Royal British Legion Coffee Morning, Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning and the Jeans for Genes Day. Additionally, the firm has also contributed towards Walking Football for people living with Dementia.

Lovedays Solicitors are currently looking for new challenges to complete in 2019 and continue their fundraising efforts for various charities. They have created a ‘Just Giving’ page, not only for ‘Dechox’ but also for forthcoming challenges in aid of deserving causes. Any donations to the ‘Just Giving’ page would be warmly appreciated.

As well as being a highly-reputable and professional legal firm, Lovedays Solicitors are fundraisers and keen supporters of local and national charities. With a long and distinguished history, they are deeply rooted in the local community and enthusiastically contribute towards worthwhile causes in the area as well as local events. They also fully appreciate their loyal and much-respected clients and would like to extend unreserved thanks to them for their highly-valued business. They also warmly welcome new customers, who may wish to avail themselves of the full spectrum of legal disciplines on offer.

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September 27, 2018

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