• Use of the Court system in England & Wales 02-05-2017

    According to information released by HM Courts and Tribunals Service the latest annual report revealed that the number of complaints from the public is increasing. Last year there were 13,451 complaints. This year the number increased to 15,272; a rise of 13.5%. Further pressures on the Courts arise from funding cut-backs; operating costs of £200 million were achieved mainly by axing 3,700 jobs within the Court system. In addition County Courts across the country continue to close. This is alarming because access to the Courts is a vital resource for any democracy. On the same theme the BBC recently reported that in respect of criminal trials the Crown Prosecution Service was “on the brink of collapse” and that 18.4% of criminal prosecutions were “ineffective”. In the field of employment law, since the introduction of fees for issuing and pursuing claims, the number of cases has plummeted by 80%.

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