IHT400 Application Advice

Do you need assistance completing an IHT400?

When applying for a grant of representation you may need to complete the IHT400 which is the Inheritance Tax Account. If the form is completed incorrectly it may cause delays or other difficulties. If you fail to complete the report within the time you may be liable for a penalty fine.

Do you need help or advice about completing the IHT400 or you are not sure which forms are required? Please contact us on 01629 56660 or make a Free Online Enquiry.

Our specialist team of Probate Lawyers can assist you in completing the form or complete the form on your behalf. Our Derbyshire based team of solicitors have years of experience in dealing with inheritance tax forms and can help you avoid any issues in the future.

What is an IHT400?

The IHT400 is the Inheritance Tax Account. For details of inheritance Tax please click here. Alternatively, please click the links for details of what is a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. A copy of the IHT400 or details on how to complete it can be found on the government’s website. The details can be found here.

The form gives details of the deceased and their assets. The form is used for the probate registry to confirm the value of the deceased estate and any inheritance tax which may be due.

Do I need to complete the IHT400?

You may not need to complete the form if the estate is an excepted estate for example if the value of the estate is low, the estate falls into one of the exempt categories or another exception applies.

To find out if one of the exemptions applies please contact us for further details.

If an exemption does not apply, then you may need to complete the form.

The form itself is quite complex and 16 pages long. Along with the form, there may be schedules which might also have to be completed.

Do I need a solicitor to help?

It can be quite complicated to confirm firstly what forms part of the deceased estate and which does not. Secondly, you need to ensure that you complete the right forms to accompany the IHT400.

Whilst you may not need us to help complete the form, we can help answer any questions you have about the form. We can also confirm that you are completing the form correctly.

Alternatively, we can complete the form on your behalf and file it with the probate registry. Our specialist Probate Solicitors help you by easing the burden and help make a difficult time a bit easier.

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