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There are a number of laws in the UK that govern how commercial property can be bought, sold and leased. Commercial property can refer to any type of land that generates profit for its owner, and so this could be retail buildings, hospitality or even office blocks.

Commercial property law is relevant whether you are buying a property for development or investment, looking to lease property or developing property and can also impact on other laws concerning the environment, tax and planning. It can therefore become a complicated situation and will need significant amounts of legal advice as part of the process.

It is therefore important to seek expert legal advice when involved in any kind of commercial property transactions. Our team of friendly and professional solicitors at Lovedays Solicitors have vast experience in the world of commercial property and can help to guide you through it. Whether it is advising you on what steps to take, drafting agreements or helping to resolve disputes, our knowledge can help to make your commercial property successful.

Understanding Commercial Property Law

Commercial property law has a fairly wide reach, as it can refer to all of the legal aspects involved in owning, leasing, buying, selling and developing commercial land or buildings. This means that it is not only a large area of the law, but one that can also involve large sums of money.

The last thing any commercial property investor wants is to put their money at risk, and so it is important to deal with a specialist commercial property solicitor to make sure that everything is done properly.

Buying, leasing or selling a commercial property is a huge step for any business, and not one that should be taken lightly. It is therefore important that the use, value and size of the property is taken into account, as this will build the foundation for transactions and agreements.

Commercial property law is very different to residential property, and it can cover shops, restaurants, cafes, offices, warehouses, salons, travel agencies, post offices and vehicle dealerships to name just a few examples.

Each property will need to be designated for commercial use and will need the correct planning permission for the type of business that it will be hosting. It is therefore important to understand the legal restrictions that might affect how the property can be used before entering into any agreements.

It is important to remember that commercial property law applies to the business tenants of a property and not just the landlord, and so both will need to be fully aware of the laws that apply to them when drafting a commercial lease agreement. 

Our Services

Commercial Property Transactions

At Lovedays Solicitors, our team are very experienced when it comes to the buying and selling of commercial properties. We can help you to look at all of the factors involved in determining a fair market value and understanding any terms or restrictions that might affect the property. We can deal with simple acquisitions or more complicated real estate transactions to ensure that you take ownership of your next business asset with as little stress as possible.

We can help to carry out all necessary due diligence and fully assess the risk of the investment to help you avoid many of the common pitfalls associated with commercial property transactions for both freehold and leasehold properties. Our solicitors will carry out all necessary property searches, file paperwork for HMRC and the Land Registry and help you to deal with commercial mortgage companies to help your transaction run smoothly.

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Property Development

When you decide to undertake a property development project, there can be a lot of legal considerations that you will need to juggle. This can cover everything from the land that you buy to the planning permission that is needed, the agreements with contractors and environmental regulations that you will need to adhere to. It is important to grasp as much of this as possible in the planning stages of the project so that you can develop plans and draft contracts which cover all of your needs and protect you from any disputes, mistakes or misunderstandings.

By working with an expert in the legal aspects of property development, you can ensure that much of this is in place and can therefore avoid many of the delays and problems that can prove to be extremely costly.

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Commercial Leases

Many commercial property owners choose to lease their property out to a tenant who can then run their own business from that location. It is therefore important to make sure that both parties fully understand what is involved in a commercial property lease in order to put an agreement together that is fair and legal.

This should take into account the rights and responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant in regard to repairs and maintenance for the building, the use of the property and the agreed condition that it should be left in.

Our solicitors can draft a commercial lease agreement including the relevant rent details, information on the security deposit, termination requirements and any rent review details that might be required. Should any of these details be missing or incorrect, it can lead to disputes and issues, and so it is important that it is handled by a specialist in commercial leases.

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Real Estate Financing Legal Advice

Real estate financing can be a complex field as there are many different options open to investors. There are a wide range of mortgages available as well as different types of loans and a number of alternative financing options which will all need careful consideration.

Each financing option will have its own legal and tax implications and so it is vital that you receive full and professional legal advice in order to ensure that you are aware of these and remain compliant with them both during the process of financing the deal and completing the transaction, as well as managing it properly afterwards.

This requires a thorough due diligence process and an analysis of your plans and the financial options that are available to help you navigate the best terms for your own situation.

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Commercial Property Title Legal Services

When buying any type of commercial property, it is important to undertake a full property title search. Our solicitors can do this, in order to determine typical factors such as who the legal owners of the property are and where the boundaries lie.

We can also look at whether there are any disputes relating to the property, or any unpaid debts which are attached to the property and could be passed to its new owners. In addition to this, we will also look for any restrictions that may apply to the property in question, such as covenants or easements that may pose an issue for the type of business that you wish to run.

Once all of this has been discovered, we can then suggest a number of solutions to help deal with these issues and provide you with a clear and marketable title that will make your investment a sound one.

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Why Choose Lovedays for Commercial Property Legal Services?

Everyone at Lovedays Solicitors is a caring professional who will work hard on your behalf. We have years of experience and expertise in commercial property law behind us, making us the perfect choice for supporting you in your commercial property dealings. We have an eye for detail, and as we understand all of the possible risks and pitfalls that you might be facing, we can offer balanced and sensible legal advice to help you protect your business interests.

We understand that every situation is different, which is why we provide legal solutions that are tailored to you. At Lovedays Solicitors, we will listen to your aims and concerns to find workable and legal answers to your questions, draft comprehensive legal documents and provide proactive legal advice that is relevant to you. 

Based in Matlock, in Derbyshire, we have been representing clients since 1905, meaning that we have built up a strong and trusted reputation across the county and beyond. We have an in-depth knowledge of all of the wide-ranging aspects of commercial property law, as well as a good understanding of the local area and the people that live within it, meaning that we are in the best position to provide you with the right legal advice for your individual circumstances.


To navigate the world of commercial property, it is important to have the right legal support by your side at all times to not only ensure that you are compliant, but also the help you manage risks and make the best decisions for your purchases that ensure you can be both profitable and successful in your ventures. The friendly and professional team at Lovedays Solicitors are ready to find out more about you and provide you with the legal support services to make your commercial property deals as effective as possible.

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