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Our experienced team of divorce solicitors provide guidance and support throughout the entire divorce process. Combining our legal knowledge with a highly personalised approach, we tailor our services to meet your needs.

If you're looking to get a divorce and are unsure where to start or are looking for advice on how to navigate your divorce legally, our divorce solicitors are at hand to give you the information that you need. Contact our team of expert divorce solicitors today.

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At Lovedays Solicitors, our Divorce Solicitors are experts in handling divorces and seperations with in-depth knowledge, experience and sensitivity. Our range of Divorce and Seperation services will take you through the different processes, making the whole divorce as straight forward and pain-free as possible.

How Lovedays Can Help with Your Divorce

Separation for Married and Unmarried Couples

If things aren’t good at home, then our team of divorce solicitors can provide detailed advice on your rights and obligations if you're thinking of separation.

If you have relationship difficulties, we will consider all of your options with you and also give you the information on the impact of the relationship ending.

Our divorce lawyers can also help you to consider how you manage ending the relationship and how you part ways. Find out more about our divorce and separation service here.

Finances on Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnership

Entering into a marriage or Civil Partnership affects your legal status. It gives rise to obligations and responsibilities, that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

When a marriage or a Civil partnership is dissolved it leads to financial claims which can potentially be made by either party against the other. The order dissolving the marriage or the Civil Partnership does not conclude those Financial claims.

A court order is the only method of concluding those financial claims and ensuring that there is a financial divorce.

Even if matters are agreed, that agreement will need to be converted into a court order before it is conclusive and effective. Our divorce lawyers can obtain the necessary order for you.

Cohabitation Breakdown

If you are in a long-term cohabitation relationship and you are not married your rights and obligations are very different from a married couple.

There is currently no separate law regulating cohabiting couples or the breakdown of their relationship.

We can provide detailed advice on your rights and obligations and even provide you with a cohabitation agreement. If you have relationship difficulties, our team of divorce solicitors can give you the information on the impact of the relationship ending.

Divorce & Separation FAQs

Do I have to get divorced in the country I got married in?

No, you don’t have to get divorced in the country you married in. You can apply for a divorce in the country you now reside in as long as your marriage is recognised there.

Do I need a solicitor to get divorced?

Legally, no you don’t need a solicitor to get divorced but it’s not advisable. The legal advice provided by a divorce solicitor can prevent you from potential problems in your divorce.

Using a solicitor for your divorce can help you navigate issues like selling your joint property, custody of children and splitting assets.

How long will my divorce take?

Since the introduction of no fault divorces, the process could take from 6-9 months. This could take longer if you need to resolve issues like money, children or property.

Do I have to go to court to get divorced?

In the majority of divorces, it is unlikely that you would need to attend court during your divorce. However, if either party decided to defend the proceedings and file a defense, this would require a hearing where you would both be required to attend. If the issue isn’t resolved during the hearing, you will have to attend a final hearing.

Why Choose Lovedays Solicitors?

At Lovedays Solicitors, we believe in personal service, and so we will work closely with you to make your divorce or separation as quick and painless as possible.

We have been providing our divorce and separation service in Derbyshire for more than 100 years and so our experience and expertise in the area is hard to match.

We offer the same dedicated service no matter the circumstances of your situation and will strive to keep you fully informed at all times.

Contact our Divorce Solicitors

Looking to get a divorce but are unsure where to start? Our team of expert divorce can provide with advice and guidance on the options available to you as well as provide alternative approaches such as mediation.

Get in touch with our team today by calling us on (01629) 582308 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

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