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Many solicitors in the UK have their own specialities, and commercial lease solicitors are experts in handling commercial property. They can act on the behalf of landlords, existing tenants or prospective tenants when dealing with commercial leases, as well as commercial lending for purchases, the sale or purchase of a commercial property and the assignment, surrender and granting of commercial leases.

Commercial leasing can be extremely complex, so it is important to seek expert advice along the way. There can be some serious financial and legal costs when mistakes are made during the commercial leasing process, so having an expert on hand can help you to avoid this.

A commercial lease solicitor can draw on their specialist knowledge to help you deal with a range of subjects, as well as helping to draft and check leases and agreements, ensuring that they are both correct and legal.

It is not a legal requirement to use a commercial lease solicitor, but it is strongly advised in order to protect your interests and ensure that all parties are being treated fairly and within the law.

Understanding Commercial Leases

A commercial lease is a legally binding agreement that is made between a business tenant such as a company, and a landlord. This lease gives the business tenant the right to use the property for a commercial activity in return for an agreed amount of rent. The agreement should stipulate what type of business will be run from the property and the amount of time that the lease will cover.

There are many things that can be included in a commercial lease agreement, but one of the most important should be the rent. This should outline how much rent is due to be paid, how frequently it needs to be paid and the dates on which it should be paid. The agreement also needs to set out what the penalties will be if any payments are missed or late. The lease should refer to the specific address of the property and include the full details of the landlord and the tenant.

Any commercial lease agreement must also stipulate the length of the lease itself. This should include clear start and end dates. It should also go into details about how either the tenant or landlord could end the lease before the agreed end date, and what the acceptable reasons for this will be.

During any commercial lease, both the tenant and the landlord will have a number of responsibilities towards the property, and these should also be included in the lease agreement.

This will include the type of business that will be run from the property and any restrictions on opening hours or noise levels. It should also include what alterations the tenant is permitted to make to the building, and what state it should be in when they vacate it.

Landlords also have a responsibility to keep the building in good repair, and so any agreement should set out what they are responsible for and how they should be notified of any problems.

Most commercial leases will require the tenant to pay a deposit. The agreement should not only show what this is, but also where it will be kept during the period of the lease and the reasons that will stop it from being repaid at the end of the tenancy.

If there is a guarantor being used as part of the agreement, it is also important to include their full details and responsibilities. It is also recommended that any commercial lease should determine whether subletting is permitted and under what terms.


The Role of Solicitors in Commercial Leasing

When it comes to setting up and managing a commercial lease, there can be a lot at stake, both financially and legally. It is therefore important to use the services of a professional commercial lease solicitor, who can help and advise you throughout the entire process.

Leasing agreements often need to be extremely detailed, and there can be a lot that needs to be covered. Every commercial lease will be different depending on the landlord, the property and the business that is going to be run from the property, and therefore every commercial lease agreement needs to be tailored to the exact situation.

A commercial lease solicitor can draft this for you, ensuring that it meets your needs and covers all of the required aspects thoroughly. It is not only important from a legal perspective, but it also means that all parties are clear on what they are agreeing to when they sign the lease.

Commercial lease solicitors can vary, and many will have expertise in different areas. Some will have specialist knowledge of percentage leases where, instead of paying a fixed rental fee, the tenant will be required to pay the landlord a set percentage of the gross revenue earned by the business that is operating out of the property.

In other cases, it might be beneficial to find an expert in gross leases, which offer a full-service lease combining all property taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance costs into one fixed rental amount. A commercial lease solicitor can advise you on which route is best for you and can help you to draft a legally binding and fair agreement accordingly.

From time to time, disputes can occur between landlords and tenants, and a commercial lease solicitor is often the best person to help deal with this. They can offer professional legal advice on the rights of both parties to help find a sensible outcome for any disputes that might occur.

Many disputes are often caused by a change in rent, the services that are covered and the end of a tenancy, so your commercial lease solicitor can help to negotiate these issues in advance and draft the terms correctly in your lease agreement to help avoid problems further down the line. They can include dates and limits for rent reviews, service charges and notice periods amongst other things. 

Legal Considerations for Landlords and Tenants

When entering into a commercial lease, it is important for both landlords and tenants to think about what their rights and responsibilities are.

A commercial leasing solicitor can help to outline what the legal responsibilities of both parties are, and what they can reasonably expect from one another. This can often relate to the condition of the building and can outline who is responsible for replacing a boiler, fixing a leaking roof or repainting an office space.

As situations can change over time, you may want to include a rent review in your commercial lease agreement. This stipulates when the landlord is entitled to review the rent that is being charged and permits them to amend it.

By putting this in the agreement, the tenant will know when to expect this, and the landlord will not be able to change it more frequently. It may also be necessary to do this in relation to maintenance or service costs, to ensure that everyone is paying a fair amount towards the upkeep of the building.

It is important to understand whether there are legal considerations with regards to how the building can be used or altered, whether there are any restrictions in the local area and whether there are limits on the type of business that can be operated from it.

If either party wishes to end the lease before the agreed date, then there are set ways to go about this, and in some cases, penalties could be incurred. Your commercial lease solicitor can advise you on the circumstances in which this is possible, how it should be done and what notice must be given in this situation, as well as what penalties are considered reasonable and legal.

A well drafted lease will cover all of the rights and responsibilities that each party has, ensuring that there are fewer disputes. It can help to hold both parties to account and make sure that they uphold their own responsibilities.

It can also define what happens in the event of a dispute and can cover the processes that will need to take place, such as mediation or arbitration. When this has been covered in the correct way, it gives both parties the opportunity to seek legal recourse if the other has failed to uphold their part of the agreement.


How Lovedays Can Help You with Commercial Leases

At Lovedays Solicitors, we have expert commercial leasing solicitors who are ready and waiting to help you. We offer a wide range of comprehensive legal services in relation to commercial properties and their leases. Our friendly and professional team will consider your own individual circumstances in order to offer tailored expert advice. 

We will look at your situation and your objectives to help you understand the short- and long-term implications of your lease and help you to work out a plan that is best for you. We can help to advise you on entering into a commercial lease and can help to draft a detailed and accurate commercial lease agreement, giving you the peace of mind that everything has been covered and that you and your business interests are thoroughly protected.

We can also help to negotiate break clauses in your contract. These can allow the landlord or tenant to bring the lease to an end before the end of the term. As these can affect the investment value of a property, they require serious consideration, which our experts will be able to help you with. We can look at the types of break clauses that can be included and what the wider implications of these can be.

We are also able to help with any disputes or difficulties that you may have in regard to your commercial lease. Our solicitors can help to identify your rights and give your professional legal advice to help you to resolve the situation.

When it comes to commercial leasing, there can be significant risks to your business and your financial position, so it is important to ensure that everything has been handled correctly. At Lovedays Solicitors, we can ensure that you have a full understanding of your rights and responsibilities and can put you in a strong position to have a healthy and productive lease arrangement.


A commercial lease needs to be drafted with in-depth legal knowledge in order to protect all parties. At Lovedays Solicitors, we can help you to do this, ensuring that you have considered all relevant situations and that any agreements are fair and legal. We can draft your commercial lease agreement to help ensure that all areas have been covered in detail and that you are not left in a vulnerable situation.

Commercial leases require expert knowledge, and so speaking to a specialist solicitor can ensure that you understand your legal requirements and that the agreement that you are entering into is the right one for you and your own personal situation.

Call Lovedays Solicitors today for professional advice from a friendly and professional team who are experts in the field of commercial leasing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you negotiate the terms of an existing lease?

A lease is often not open to negotiation once it is in place, which is why it is important to ensure that it has been professionally drafted in the first place. This will allow room for things like rent reviews that can help to ensure that a re-negotiation is not necessary.

Can a commercial lease be extended?

Under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, a tenant has the statutory right to extend the contractual term of their lease and can ask the landlord for a new lease when the existing one ends. The landlord does have some grounds to refuse this, so it is important to seek professional legal advice in this situation.

Is there a typical length of a commercial lease?

The term of a commercial lease can vary and will depend on the nature of the letting and the tenant and landlord. Leases rarely extend past 25 years, but the average current lease is around eight years.

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