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Are you concerned that an Employee may bring a claim against your Business after they have left your employment?

If you have an employee who is looking to resign or you want to bring their employment to an end you may want to consider terminating their employment under a settlement agreement. Alternately if you are an employee you will need to seek legal advice on the terms of the settlement agreement.

Our Derbyshire based Employment Solicitors can advise you from the outside from when a dispute has arisen to negotiating terms and drafting the agreement. Contact us for further information.

What is a Settlement Agreement?

To become a deputy, you will need to apply to become one or both types of deputy. You will have to get permission from the court to act.

You will then have to send an annual report to the Office of Public Guardian each year.

What are the requirements of a Settlement Agreement?

The agreement must be in writing and usually, it provides the employee with some form of payment. This is to reflect the fact that they are giving up the right to bring a claim.

The agreement must be voluntary and can be offered at any stage of their employment.

It must be related to a particular complaint or proceedings. The employee must also seek independent legal advice from a solicitor, other qualified legal professional or a certified and authorized member of a trade union. The agreement must identify the adviser.

The independent adviser must have a current contract of insurance of professional indemnity to cover the risk of a claim by the employee in respect of loss arising from the advice given.

How can Lovedays Help?

Our Employment Solicitors regularly advise on settlement agreement from both sides. If you are an Employer who is looking for advice on how to manage an employee then please get in touch.

We can advise from the outside on how best to proceed to limit the risk that an employee brings a claim against your business. We can also negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Our team can then draw up the agreement and ensure that it is properly signed and agreed upon.

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