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Have you been appointed as an Executor or Personal Representative and you are not sure what to do next?

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What is a Personal Representative?

A Personal Representative is someone either chosen in someone’s Will called an Executor or someone who takes out the Letters of Administration called an Administrator.

A Personal Representative, also called “PR”, is legally responsible for dealing with the deceased person’s “estate”. This included all the belongings, money, property, debts and liabilities the person leaves behind.

Who can be a personal representative?

If you wish to elect someone to be your personal representative it is usually best if you write a will and choose who you wish to be your executor. Your will can generally appoint anyone to be the personal representative but there are some limits on this.

An executor should be

  • Over 18
  • Mentally capable
  • Preferably solvent i.e. not bankrupt.

Also, an executor cannot be a former spouse or civil partner if the Will was written before the marriage or civil partnership ended.

What do I have to do as a personal representative?

Personal Representatives often need a formal, legal document known as a Grant of Representation before they can deal with, or “Administer”, an estate. The term ‘Grant of Representation’ is used to refer either to a Grant of Probate when issued to the executors of a Will, or a Grant of Letters of Administration when issued to an Administrator (where there is no Will).

To find out more details of the steps involved please click on the links below;

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  • Inheritance tax
  • Frequently asked questions.

Being a PR can be stressful and difficult. On top of that, you are also dealing with the loss of a loved one. If you require any assistance in dealing with an estate whether you wish for some guidance or help to apply for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration we can help.

Lovedays Solicitors have been assisting PRs deal with estates for over 100 years. Our Specialist Experts can guide you through the steps and reduce the stress you may be under and advise you on imprtant aspects including probate law.

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We can also offer advice on our other probate law services like contesting a will, letters of administration and inheritance tax.

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