Trusts and Tax Solicitors in Derbyshire

Are you concerned about protecting your assets now and in the future?

Trusts can be used to manage wealth, investment, land and property.

You can set up a trust to

  • Provide for loved ones

  • To support children and grandchildren in their education

  • Pass assets to the next generation

  • Provide for children and partners from different relationships

  • Reduce tax

  • Protect assets from creditors or divorcing partners.

Our Derbyshire based specialist tax solicitors and lawyers can assist you in creating and managing a trust. Lovedays Solicitors has been operating in Matlock since 1905 and have created and managed thousands of trusts over our time.

Our established Trusts & Tax team offer a full range of legal and taxation services to individuals and trustees.

Administering a trust can be a complex, time-consuming and stressful process – in both human and legal terms. We can explain the process at every step and ensure it runs as smoothly and is as straightforward as possible.

How can Trusts help me?

By creating a trust, you are placing assets under the control of someone you nominate. This may be yourself, a professional trustee or someone you trust. The people who are in charge of the trust are called trustees.

The trustees will manage the trust in accordance with how you set the trust up. This can continue even after your death.

You can set up trusts for a specific reason such as to be used for the costs of the university for a child or to assist a loved one in their old age.

Why do I need a Solicitor?

Trusts are complex, because of this if they are set up or managed incorrectly they can not have the desired effect or if you are not careful an adverse effect. Because of this, you should ensure that any trust is set up correctly and managed accordingly.

If you come to see us we will discuss your needs with you. We can determine whether a trust suits your needs and if what time of trust will be best for you. We can then help you set up the trust and manage it for you.

One of our solicitors can also be a trustee of the trust in our professional capacity.

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