Has a loved one lost the ability to make decisions for themselves?

It is always difficult to watch a loved one lose the ability to make decisions for themselves.

If they have not made a Lasting Power of Attorney there is no one with the legal right to make decisions on their behalf.  You can apply to become someone’s Deputy if they lack mental capacity.

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Our Derbyshire based solicitors and lawyers will be able to guide you through the process of applying to become someone’s deputy.

Lovedays Solicitors have been assisting people since 1905. We have years of experience in how to best deal with an application for deputyship. We will always have your and persons in questions best interests at heart.

When should I apply for a Deputyship?

You can apply for a deputyship when someone loses mental capacity. This means that they are no longer able to make a decision for themselves.

This can include times such as when they have had an accident which caused a serious brain injury or illness. Also, they may have developed dementia or have severe learning disabilities.

Can apply to be a deputy if you are over 18. The court usually will only appoint a relative or friend of the person who needs help making the decisions.

What types of deputyship are there?

Like lasting power of attorney, there are two types.

  • Property and financial affairs deputy. This means you can look after the finances or pension.
  • Personal welfare deputy. This means you can decide about the persona medical treatment and how they are cared for.

What do I need to do to become a deputy?

To become a deputy, you will need to apply to become one or both types of deputy. You will have to get permission from the court to act.

You will then have to send an annual report to the Office of Public Guardian each year.

How can we help?

We can apply to the Court of Protection to obtain an Order to appoint a Deputy. Our specialist solicitors can also act as a deputy in their professional capacity.

we can also assist with the yearly reporting requirements to ensure that they are completed correctly.

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