Dating during divorce

Oscar Wilde described second marriages as “a triumph of hope over experience”. That human optimism is certainly reflected in the numbers of ‘married, separated and soon to be divorced’ who launch themselves into a new relationship long before the ink is dry on their final Decree of Divorce. As marriage is a formal status and […]

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Have you appointed a Guardian for your Children?

There are many reasons why will want to make sure that they have a Will in place. One of the reasons cited for making a Will related to the issue of appointing guardians to care for children (under-18s) in the event of both parents’ deaths. In the unfortunate circumstance of both parents’ passing away, the […]

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Probate Delays

With the concern regarding probate delays continuing the Law Society has met with the HM Courts and Tribunal Services to discuss the issues regarding the ongoing delays. To find out more please see the article in Todays Wills and Probate. Please note that this link will take you from our website and we cannot be […]

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Important information about CAKES!!!!

In the average time it takes to bake a batch of cakes, six people in the UK will develop dementia. It is now the leading cause of death in England and Wales, overtaking both cancer and heart disease. On 19th June 2019, Lovedays Solicitors took part in the Alzheimer’s Society’s ‘Cupcake Day’ at their Wirksworth […]

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Delays with the Probate Court

If you are dealing with the estate of a loved one you may have noticed that things are taking their time. You are not alone. The probate services have been causing delays and setbacks which has had a knock-on effect on lawyers and their clients. The probate services have blamed this on technical issues across […]

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Do I Really Need a Will?

There are several myths about Wills, which lead to many people believing that they don’t need to make one. People may think that they’re too young to make a Will, or that they have insufficient wealth or assets to need on. They may think that because they are married their spouse will have the right […]

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Do I need a Prenuptial Agreement?

Joanne Joyce from the Family Department of Lovedays Solicitors discusses the essence of Prenuptial Agreements The nights getting lighter and the weekends getting warmer means that spring is in the air and the start of the wedding season is imminent. The ‘soon-to-be-weds’ engage merrily in preparations for the Special Day to make it as perfect […]

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No Fault Divorce – government is ending the divorce ‘blame game’

The government proposes to remove the need to prove a fact to show that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. Currently there are 5 available facts which can be used to show the Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage and the most frequently used fact is that of “behaviour”. Using the fact of the other person’s […]

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Surviving ‘Dechox’!

Today in the UK 7 million or so people are living with heart and circulatory disease. As a direct result of this illness, an average of 420 people die every single day – a shocking one death every three minutes. Since the British Heart Foundation was founded in 1961, however, the annual number of deaths […]

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Do I need a Solicitor?

Helen Smith, Wills and Probate solicitor for Lovedays Solicitors, examines the role of the solicitor in the context of the availability of access for legal information and advice online. The English legal system has developed over centuries to become a model that has influenced the legal systems in many other jurisdictions. But the legal profession […]

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