The Value Solicitors add in a Digital Age

Helen Smith, Wills and Probate solicitor for Lovedays Solicitors, examines the role of the solicitor in the context of the availability of access for legal information and advice online. The English legal system has developed over centuries to become a model that has influenced the legal systems in many other jurisdictions. But the legal profession […]

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Powers of Attorney

Helen Smith, Wills and Probate solicitor of Lovedays Solicitors, discusses issues around powers of attorney.   The Formula 1 racing car driver, Michael Schumacher, came into the press again recently following a brief statement by his family. This news brought the issue of Powers of Attorney firmly into focus. An individual has long been able […]

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Christmases and how to survive them!

01/12/2018 Joanne Joyce from the Family Department of Lovedays Solicitors discusses a game plan for getting through the festive season unscathed. As a solicitor specialising in Family Law, I tend not to say what I do for a living too loudly at Christmas parties, where I may be considered “bah humbug”! When I do admit […]

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Time to remember

01/11/2018 On November 11 2018 it will be the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice, which marked the end of The First World War. Jennifer Renshaw, Head of Litigation at Lovedays Solicitors, examines the role played by the legal firm and some of its staff in the conflict and how this long-established firm […]

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The English of Alimony

01/10/2018 Joanne Joyce from the Family Department of Lovedays Solicitors discusses the ins and outs of Spousal Maintenance Alimony, as the Americans call it, or spousal maintenance, as it is known over here, is a court order usually made within the finances on divorce, which requires one of the parties to the marriage to continue […]

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The myth of common law marriage

14/09/2018 Joanne Joyce from the Family Department of Potter & Co discusses the misconception around the legal rights of common law marriage. Who knows how legends and myths evolve or how they become part of popular culture? How does a population come to believe in Dragons, Fairies or even Common Law marriage? Somehow, the word […]

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Catching the £22

14/08/2018 Paul Streets, a litigation specialist at Potter & Co Solicitors, discusses the debt collection conundrum. In the famous novel by Joseph Heller, Catch 22, to fly a bombing mission in the Second World War you had to be crazy. You could get out of flying missions if you were crazy but you had to […]

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When breaking up is hard to do:

14/07/2018 Joanne Joyce from the Family Department of Potter & Co, discusses the case for divorce law reform. The Family Department of Potter & Co Solicitors has watched with interest the high-profile divorce case involving Tini and Hugh Owens, as it has been hailed as highlighting the pitfalls in the current divorce system. Mr and […]

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Moving forward with a rich heritage

21-06-2018 Bethany Bush, Personal Assistant at Andrew Macbeth Cash & Co Solicitors in Wirksworth, takes a look at the practice’s long tradition and its vision for the future Andrew Macbeth Cash & Co Solicitors has been part of Wirksworth market town’s heritage for over 140 years. As you would expect of a legal practice with […]

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What is ‘intestacy’?

25-05-2018 Helen Smith, Wills and Probate solicitor for Derbyshire Legal Services Limited, examines why ‘intestacy’ has been #trending It seemed such an unlikely occurrence that the arguably unfashionable subject of wills (or the lack thereof) was suddenly trendy on social media! Further investigation was therefore needed to find out how and why! It soon became apparent […]

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