Do I need a Will?

Are you not sure if you need a Will or not?

If you don’t have a Will you may not be providing for the people you care about after your death. Your wishes may not be taken into account in respect of how you wish your remains to be handled. Also, you may want to ensure that any children are cared for as you intended.

Having a Will is not strictly necessary as if you die without the law decides how your estate is dealt with. To find out more about intestacy please click here.

We would always recommend that you consider a Will to ensure that you are given reassurance that your wishes will be taken into account after you pass.

Here at Lovedays Solicitors, we have been drafting Wills for thousands of people for over 100 years. Our specialist experts will be able to discuss with you whether you need a Will. They will also help you to consider the contents of your Will. We will ensure that your Will is valid and properly executed.

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Do I need a solicitor to draft the Will?

Legally speaking there is no requirement that a solicitor or legal professional has to draft a Will. A Will can be drafted by anyone.

There has been an increase over the last few years of none legal service providers offering a Will drafting service.

We, however, would always advise you to have a legal professional draft the Will for you. The reason for this is, firstly, that if you draft the Will yourself if may not have the effect you wish or may be unclear.

This can sometimes lead to lengthy litigation when two parties disagree over the terms of a Will. The parties may have to ask the courts to determine the effect of the Will which can be very expensive and lead to families falling out.

Secondly, the Will has to be executed (signed) in a certain manner. If the Will is not correctly executed it may be held to be invalid.

Thirdly, there may be considerations that you have not thought about. These may include

  • Deciding who cares for any children
  • Proving for loved ones
  • Funeral wishes
  • Taking into account all of the money and property available
  • Dealing with other eventualities such as if an executor or beneficiary dies before you.
  • The effect of marriage, civil partnerships or divorce

Whilst getting a solicitor may cost you more in the short term it may avoid more expensive disputes in the long term. It will also give you the peace of mind knowing everything is settled.

We also offer free Will storage so that you know your wishes are in safe hands.

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