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Our Family Solicitors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of Family Law matters. We can advise, assist and represent you with your family law problems.

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Our Derbyshire based solicitors can assist you with a range of different Family Law matters. Lovedays Solicitors was established in 1905 and has offices in both Matlock and Wirksworth.

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Our expert team is approachable and supportive. We remember that Family difficulties carry with them a great deal of emotion. The Family Law team at Lovedays Solicitors are always sensitive to the full range of implications arising from your difficulties. We will keep perspective on your behalf and help you through a difficult time.

Our specialist Family Lawyers will listen to your story, so as to understand what is important to you. We will advise you, consider all the available options with you and discuss the merits of the available choices. Our specialist solicitors are here to guide you through the process every step of the way.

We firmly believe in finding individual, tailormade solutions to your problems which work for you. We are practical and realistic and will always look at real-life testing of the possible ways forward with you. Our family legal team will work hard to ensure that you are given information to help you access the most appropriate resources to ease the way forward. Our client’s benefit from more than just legal advice.

We deal with a broad range of Family Legal matters including:-

Starting Your Relationship or Marriage

Prenuptial Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements

You can enter into a formal arrangement which will allow you both to manage any break up in the future, with the least possible unpleasantness. We can help you consider the details of how any unfortunate break down will be dealt with and to agree to those details with your partner or prospective spouse. We can help you formulate a plan which provides for how any relationship breakdown is handled. That way if things go wrong you follow your agreed way forward.

We advise on and prepare Pre-Nuptial Agreements (which are contracts at the start of the marriage regulating the provisions in the event of a relationship breakdown).  You may also want advice on Cohabitation/Living Together Agreements (which are contracts at the start of the cohabitation regulating the provisions in the event of a relationship breakdown.

Deeds of trust and jointly owned property

If you are buying a house with your partner you should always seek legal advice as to the best method to formalise the situation and to record who is entitled to what share or interest in the property.

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Parental Responsibility and Paternity

Parental responsibility is the legal term for the rights and duties a parent has in respect of their children. We can help with disputes regarding Parental responsibility and paternity.

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Separation for Married and Unmarried Couples

If things aren’t good at home, then we can provide detailed advice on your rights and obligations. If you have relationship difficulties, we will consider all of your options with you and also give you the information on the impact of the relationship ending.

We can also help you to consider how you manage ending the relationship and how you part ways.

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Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnership

We advise on all matters arising on marriage or civil partnership breakdown.

Our specialist family law team can obtain the order termination of the marriage by way of divorce known as a decree absolute.

We can also assist you in resolving the financial matters and the position regarding the children.

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Finances on Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnership

Entering into a marriage or a Civil Partnership affects your legal status. It gives rise to obligations and responsibilities.

When a marriage or a Civil partnership is dissolved it leads to financial claims which can potentially be made by either party against the other. The order dissolving the marriage or the Civil Partnership does not conclude those Financial claims.

A court order is the only method of concluding those financial claims and ensuring that there is a financial divorce.

Even if matters are agreed that agreement will need to be converted into a court order before it is conclusive and effective. We can obtain the necessary order for you.

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Cohabitation Breakdown

If you are in a long-term cohabitation relationship and you are not married your rights and obligations are very different from a married couple. There is currently no separate law regulating cohabiting couples or the breakdown of their relationship.

We can provide detailed advice on your rights and obligations. If you have relationship difficulties, we can give you the information on the impact of the relationship ending.

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Disputes Regarding Children

We can advise on disputes arising between parents concerning their children.

This can include disagreements about the person with whom the children should have their main home or disputes about the time the children spend with a parent.

We can advise you and represent you in relation to legal rights in respect of children including disputes as to the child arrangements or disputes as to the exercise of Parental Responsibility – such as relocation abroad or in England; change of surname or disputes as to school or religion.

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Grandparents and Stepparents Rights.

Many grandparents take a full and active role in the grandchildren’s’ upbringing and care. After the breakdown of the parents’ relationship, some grandparents can find themselves pushed out, particularly if their own child is not the parent with whom the children reside. We can help grandparents pursue an application for an order that their grandchildren spend time with them.

Stepparents can now obtain Parental Responsibility for the stepchildren of the family. We can help to resolve this and obtain this important legal status. We can also help if the marriage should come to an end and a step parent wishes to maintain contact with their stepchild.

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Making Financial Claims for Children

We can advise as to the potential additional elements of Child Maintenance as well as for financial provision which does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Child Maintenance Service.

We can advise on all aspects of special applications for additional financial assistance from the other parent.

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Protection From Violence

We can give you direction in relation to obtaining support and assistance. We can also consider with you the menu of remedies for protection from violence.

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